This is how it goes...


You dream of living an expansive, magical and meaningful life, but from the moment you wake up, you find yourself getting lost in to-do lists and obligations and before you know it, another day has passed.

21 days of Wondr is an invitation to lean into magic each day for 21 days.

As you sign up, you'll receive access to a platform with 21 video-invitations to stalk or cultivate wonder from wherever you are. 

These invitations consist of small practices that require minimum effort (but hopefully great passion!) for you to tap into your capacity to experience a sense of wonder and gratitude.


It’s time to tap into wonder again 

With 21 days of Wondr prompts and inspiration, you'll find yourself deeply connected to yourself, others and the world again

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It's easy...


You don’t need to radically change your life or spend hours meditating; you’ll be surprised how easy and transformational these practices are and how much your life will be impacted by the simple act of cultivating wonder in your life every day.

Positive change can be easy and beautiful and I look forward to sharing how you can create more magic in your day-to-day life

When we are connected to our sense of wonder, we create a field of magic in and around our bodies, bathing ourselves in possibility. 

I can’t wait to Wondr with you!



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  • 21 separate videos with invitations to cultivate wonder from wherever you are
  • All the information your need to make cultivating wonder a daily practice
  • Timeless wisdom 
  • Priceless, easy practices to integrate into your daily life 
  • References and Resources to explore further
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I'm Nele.

I’ll start by saying I believe in magic. 

My whole life I’ve been a wonder stalker: nothing thrills me more than feeling deeply alive and in love with life.

I know that wonder and magic are available to all of us and that positive change doesn't have to be hard. I can’t wait to witness you cultivate more wonder in your life.

"Nele is an incredible visionairy, guide and magician. Through her practices and offerings life will burst forth in seemingly fresh and new ways, making your wildest dreams more possible."

Lisa Toman

"Nele is an incredible facilitator who throws her entire being into her work. She is a force of nature that leads  strength and vulnerability. There is real authentic depth and wisdom here. I recommend joining her with any and all of her offerings she may present to you. Join her. You will realise your luck when you do. "

Rich Lees

How does it work?

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive an e-mail with all the instructions. You'll get access to our online learning platform with 21 short videos inviting you into a world of wonder.

There will also be more resources (podcasts, videos, books etc.) for you to explore further.

The platform opens on the 14th of February 2023. Pay what you want to get access!


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