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Come find the Others.


When's the last time you felt like you truly belonged? 

That you were seen and heard?

That you felt inspired by the stories of others and deeply connected to them?

In Circle we hold space for authentic connection, personal stories and growth.

Sitting in Circle is an ancient and modern practice. People have been gathering around the fire to share stories since the beginning of humankind.  

In these facilitated conversations, we have up to 10 participants and we learn to speak and listen from the heart. 

Whether you’re looking to deepen your relationships, gather wisdom or build new connections, you'll always walk away with more than you came with.

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In Circle we:

  • Connect¬†to ourselves and others in a deep, authentic way
  • Cultivate¬†our¬†imagination
  • Practice¬†our capacity for non-judgment and true¬†understanding¬†
  • Explore¬†our ability to hold paradox¬†
  • Deepen¬†our skills in witnessing, listening and reflecting
  • Gain¬†greater understanding of our own story
  • Share¬†in the moral beauty of others
  • Boost¬†our 'feel good' brain chemicals: oxytocin and dopamine¬†
  • Embody¬†self-leadership and¬†responsibility
  • Celebrate¬†vulnerability and the freedom it brings
  • Spark¬†our desire for co-creation and collaboration
  • Honour¬†an¬†ancient and modern¬†tradition
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"Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing,

there is a field.

I will meet you there"


What Others
Have Experienced


"Nele's facilitation will stay with me forever and has thoroughly changed the way I communicate and hold space for others.  Her ability to read the field, engage and lead is first class and her enthusiasm about the practice infectious.  I would highly recommend experiencing her facilitation to anyone who is passionate about growing personally."


Rebecca T

"Nele is an incredible facilitator who throws her entire being into the process of Circle. She is a force of nature that leads the sharing process in both strength and vulnerability. There is real authentic depth and wisdom here. I recommend joining her with any and all of her offerings she may present to you. Join her. You will realise your luck when you do.'

Rich L

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Wondr is a place for people that want to create meaning and connection; pioneers, change-makers, innovators, incubators and everyone that's wonder-curious.

Most topics in our Circles are wonder-related. Whether they involve our work, our families, our dreams, our aspirations. All is welcome!

Sitting in Circle has proven to enhance:

  • empathy

  • understanding of different perspectives and backgrounds

  • creativity and innovation

  • connection and collaboration
  • focus and deep listening

all whilst cultivating a sense of belonging, trust and safety.


"The human soul doesn‚Äôt want to be advised or fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed ‚Äď to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is"

Parker Palmer

Hi! I'm Nele.

I will be your facilitator


I'm the founder of Wondr and what I'm most passionate about is helping people turn on their lights; to help them connect more deeply to their true calling and bring it out into the world.

The practice of Circle changed my life and now I love sharing it with others.

I've had the enormous privilege of facilitating more than 1200 circles to participants in over 15 countries in the past 9 years. In 2018 I joined Snapchat to set up their Council (Circle) practice in APAC, a practice that contributed to a world class company culture. I've led global workshops, retreats and designed gatherings using Circle frameworks from 3 up to 250 people.

I'm passionate about reimagining how we gather in these times of collective uncertainty and transition. How we can build meaningful community outside of our homes. 

I'm inspired by the wisdom of natural world, by ancient myths and traditions. My style of facilitating is grounded and real, with a hint of humour.

I look forward to seeing you in Circle!

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