A Little Bit About Us.

We're All Wonder Seekers.

We're All Wonder Seekers

We are a small but mighty team of passionate facilitators: storytellers, space-holders, change-makers, poets, unconventional thinkers and nature lovers. 
We create meaningful, life-changing experiences for people and organisations excited to tackle the challenges of our time and create positive impact.

I'm Nele


I have used my Masters in Cultural Science, to manifest a diverse career path working for corporates and not-for-profits. My work has taken me across the globe and has given me the opportunity to work with many different cultures.

In 2017 I co-founded We Can Be Sheroes; a social enterprise to unite and embolden women change-makers, was an active member of the Women’s March Sydney leadership team and awarded a UN Women leadership scholarship. 

In 2018 I joined Snapchat and built their Council practice for APAC from the ground up: using nature-based circle practices and rite-of-passage frameworks to co-create a world-first program that contributes to an unparalleled company culture of kindness, innovation and creativity. 

In my work I draw on the wisdom of the natural world, depth and group psychology, circle practice, humour, ritual, and academia. All with the purpose of creating brave, safe and fun spaces for connection, reflection and growth.

This is My Story.


Hi. I'm Nele.

When I was little I dreamt of being an archaeologist. I loved the idea of digging up stories and felt drawn to the mystery and depth of our human experience. You would have found me either roaming in the woods or hiding in the library.

I'm the founder of Wondr and today I like to help people turn on their light; to connect more deeply to themselves, each other and the wider world. Whether on a personal or organisational level, my true calling in life is to spark others in connecting to their own unique story, essence and gifts, thus transforming their lives to be in service to something greater than themselves. 

Hi! I'm Marcus


Hi! I'm Marcus Khoudair and I love the power of storytelling.

At Wondr, I'm a facilitator and I create safe storytelling and listening circles to foster connection, inclusion and creativity.

I'm also screenwriter who teaches high school English and loves dancing.

A recent masters graduate of AFTRS specialising in naturalist drama and community collaboration, I'm passionate about fusing film projects with creative education environments for primary and secondary school students. 

My goal is to build space for self-inquiry, guided reflection, and purposefully unstimulated time into the mainstream education system, and, to this end, I have worked with Matrix Education, Story Factory, Co-Curious, OutLoud, and Snap. 

I'm an accredited Youth Mental Health First Aider and avid tahini enthusiast.  

Hi! I'm Lisa


I'm a Nature based Facilitator, guide, therapist, storyteller and lover of all things wild; travelling and adventuring both inner and outer landscapes.

I love helping people’s dreams come to life by guiding them back to the wonder of their wild selves. Assisting them to uncover and rediscover the gifts of their instinctual nature; connecting them to the untamed wisdom within.

Everyone is unique and has gifts that long to be brought forward in the world. I’m here to hold the threads for people as they weave together and enliven their vision. 

In my work I draw on over 20 years-experience with a background in Outdoor Leadership, Gestalt psychotherapy, Creative and Expressive Art therapy, Equine Assisted Therapy, Mindfulness, and Embodied Awareness. I endeavour to shape and hold safe containers for people to explore, share, and develop. I use nature practices, art, ritual, self-designed ceremony and storytelling council as my main gateways.

Hi! I'm Hiram


Hi! I’m Hiram, and I’m really passionate about understanding the ways people connect with their minds and their bodies. My background started with biomechanics, then moved across into neuroscience, and now I specialise in a unique place where the two combine. 

Through curiosity, engagement, and creating relational safety, I help people explore, understand, and appreciate who they are and what they’re capable of. By strengthening deeper internal connections, people can feel empowered to wind down their minds and powerfully experience who they are within. 

My aim is to provide guidance and pathways for people to access the exciting and meaningful aspects of themselves to increase their overall wellbeing and performance in ways that are important to them. When we connect to that, all those tabs of concern that have been holding space in the background can close and bring us into closer alignment.

Hi! I'm Gianna


Hi! I'm Gianna, a mindfulness meditation teacher and facilitator who endeavours to cultivate safe spaces for self-inquiry and a sense of home in community. 

My upbringing within the Theravada Buddhist tradition and having. my childhood nourished by mindfulness practices guided me towards serving young people as a trained facilitator since 2016. 

I nurture participants who are developing emotional intelligence, empathy and self-awareness by leaning into vulnerability and honest conversations. I have created workshops with Headspace Australia to bridge understanding between parents/caregivers and their young person. I have also designed and delivered corporate workshops for organisations such as Deloitte and Snap Inc. which focused on creativity, community building and authentic connection. 

As an ongoing psychology honours student I combine ancient eastern philosophy and modern psychology to bring forward a holistic understanding of ourselves and our experiences. I create a safe container for all people to arrive as they are, accompanying participants with every step as they unveil their own wisdom through gentle inquiry.


Hi! I'm Luke

At Wondr I'm a facilitator dedicated to improving mental health and wellbeing. I'm a facilitator teacher and event magician. My expertise in holding space for others stems from my own personal transformational experiences, which I bring to my work by facilitating men's circles in my community. As the visionary behind Elysium gatherings, I create immersive events where participants can connect with their true selves through art, music, learning and dance. 

I'm adventurous and wild yet have learned to harness a more grounded way of being, through deep listening and sharing. My emphasis on story telling in the circle process, allows for myself and others to access a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. By embracing vulnerability and authenticity in the circle, I help participants to tap into their innate wisdom and intuition.