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But what if you fly?

“Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time”


Circle and Circle Training

A space to find the others

Online Community Circles

Circle practice is in our bones. It’s a time-honoured method of bringing people together in a shared, sacred space to foster deep communication, connection, and community. Join us for our monthly free Circle Practice and experience the sense of homecoming and belongingness that comes from sharing our hearts and our stories.

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Circle Facilitator Training

Imagine creating a space where empathy flourishes and diverse perspectives thrive, where creativity and innovation are cultivated through deep connection and collaboration. Our Facilitator Training teaches you how to bring people together, and craft environments where everyone feels a profound sense of belonging.

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Retreats and Retreat Design

Wonder Immersions for the wild at heart

Wild Wonder Women's Retreat

This weekend retreat invites you to reconnect with your vibrant aliveness, forge deep connections with others, and immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of the natural world. It’s more than a retreat; it’s a journey back to your wild essence, filled with moments of profound connection and personal discovery.

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Retreat Design

Are you ready to host a life-changing retreat? Whether it’s for friends, your organisation, or your students, at Wondr, we’re experts in designing retreats that leave lasting impressions and foster deep, meaningful connections. Discover how we can transform your vision into a reality. Let's create something extraordinary together!

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Online Courses

Spaces to rewire for wonder


Are you ready to stumble down a rabbit hole? Wandr is a self-paced adventure to a new way of being alive in the world. It's a portal to a more enchanted way of being in relationship to our natural environment, as well as yourself. This is for you if you'd like to:

  • feel alive and filled with wonder

  • better understand the cyclical nature of your life and psyche as mirrored by the world around you

  • strengthen your trust in the world and yourself
  • fall deeply in love with life again
  • connect to your unique role in the world
Step across the threshold

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Let Others Inspire You.

"Nele is an incredible visionairy, guide and magician. In her presence wonder and magic become easily accessible. Her work offers you a window to a more colourful experience of the world and a way to bridge the ordinary with the extraordinary. Through her practices and offerings life will burst forth in seemingly fresh and new ways, making your wildest dreams more possible."

Lisa T.

"The practices and perspective that Nele has given me are unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Nothing is the way it was before and my life has definitely gotten a whole lot more magical. 

I'm clear on who I am and how I want to show up. I don't know how I was doing it before but there's definitely no going back "

Stephen P

What can the World Cup teach us about Team Culture?

Aug 11, 2023