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Inspire your team, for good

At Wondr we're excited about revolutionising how you work. 

We help you save time by building a world-class culture from the inside out.

We're experts at facilitating transformational workshops, off-sites and events.


Let's Transform Together.

We custom-design each offering to the needs of our clients. This is what we do:

Dream Team Building

Work with us to build a team for the ages. We'll provide all the tools needed to support them in an ever evolving world of worrk

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Retreats and Offsites

Sometimes we have to disconnect to connect. Retreats and off-sites are immersive, custom designed experiences to unite and upgrade your team

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Facilitation on Tap

Let us guide your group, save you from wasting time in unproductive meetings and bring some spark to your organisation

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Dream Team Building

Now is the time to create a more supportive and vibrant environment for your teams to do meaningful work. We can help you you build the team and workplace that everyone wants to be part of.

Having facilitated over 1500 sessions with teams, here is what we know:

A generative, healthy organisational culture requires an intentional process that positively impacts everyone. It creates real human connection and the opportunity for each and every team member to shine and contribute to a common goal.

Easy, right?

Good news: it doesn’t have to be hard. This is what we do best.

In a limited space of time (4 sessions over 1-2 months) we can get your team to a place of deeper connection, better decision making, appreciation for each other’s strengths, greater meeting effectiveness, creativity and imagination, psychological safety, real inclusion 

Package of 4 online sessions - AUD $2500.00


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Retreats and Off-sites

Imagine this....You're part of a team where everyone is seen and celebrated for their unique gifts and contributions.

Everyone feels connected to each other and the work they do and there is a true sense of appreciation for each other.

Herein lies the transformative power of a day retreat. 

When teams are away from their usual environment and held in a safe container, miracles happen.

We have years of experience creating bespoke retreats that have the power to completely transform your team in one day.

The retreats are carefully designed to serve the specific needs of each team, encouraging creativity, connection, inclusion, innovation, self-leadership, accountability and celebration.

Note: your team will not be the same team they were at the start of the day. 

These are custom-designed immersions


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Facilitation on Tap

What if your work gatherings were seamless and perfectly managed? You didn't have to worry about glitches or inefficiency, everyone felt engaged and connected?

Whether your gathering is a meeting, a workshop, a townhall, a networking event. Whether is online, in-person or hybrid, we'll lead you through a memorable experience.

We bring the good vibes to any gathering scenario.


These are tailored solutions, contact us to find out more 


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Why do you need us, you Wondr?


The world of work is evolving rapidly, but one thing is here to stay: people working together towards a common goal. 

In a world where AI is increasingly integrating our work culture, the time is now to highlight human genius and nurture emotional intelligence.

Cultures are built, not born. 

Empathy, psychological safety, collaboration, inclusion, growth mindset and creativity are all qualities that can be seeded from the bottom up. That's how you build a dream team.

Whether it's offline, online or hybrid we can guide the way. Having an expert on your team saves time and money and can create the congruent conditions for synergy faster than you can say WONDER.


Save Time (and $)


Skilled facilitation is a crucial element in optimising time and cost efficiencies within companies. A proficient facilitator possesses the ability to guide and streamline discussions, ensuring that meetings are focused, productive, and result-oriented whilst also being human-centric.

This minimises the risk of miscommunication and misunderstandings among team members, fostering a more collaborative and efficient work environment. 

It's time to abandon ineffective meetings and create a culture of efficiency where employees feel supported and empowered.

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Modern day workplaces are multi-generational and employees are becoming more discerning about culture, values and wellbeing. 

People increasingly care more about self-development, positivity and work-life balance. The lines between work and life are blurred.

Employees thrive in environments where they can bring their full selves to work. Where they feel seen and celebrated.

  • According to this McKinsey report, nearly 1 in 3 employees in Australia experiences symptoms of burnout, and over 1 in 4 reports symptoms of depression and anxiety. The 2 top factors mentioned are Toxic Workplace Culture (46%) and Inclusivity and Belonging (20%).¬†
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Engagement and Inclusion


Diversity of thought is finally recognised as absolutely imperative for true success and impact.

Now, in an era where online and hybrid work models add a new level of complexity, expertise in how to host environments and conversations that invite, celebrate, respect and support diverse voices is vital.

Ensuring every participant can feel confident and comfortable bringing their full self to any conversation, unlocks vastly untapped potential in your workforce.

Human-centric facilitation helps highlight the strengths of multi-generational and highly diverse workforces.

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Let Others Inspire You.

"My main purpose as a business founder is to build a business where everyone shines, everyone feels empowered and wants to contribute to the success and growth of our business. Essentially, I wanted to build my work family. We invest in group sessions with Wondr and it pays dividends. Nele’s style is so considered, warm and thoughtful but yet also professional that it resonates with everyone in the business. I would highly recommend speaking to Nele about how she can help you if you prioritise a positive culture."

Anika Stokes

Oaktree Talent Group

"I cannot speak more highly of Nele's ability to bring teams together to not only celebrate each person's individual unique brilliance but also empower this to build deeper connections and trust within the group. Through Nele's experience of facilitating, our team was able to focus on listening (like really listening), to be empathetic, and to focus on establishing a growth mindset - both for the team and as individuals. Honestly the feeling was so palpable and powerful, something that I will treasure for a long time and will continue to practice with our team."

Matt Coote

Snapchat AU

What can the World Cup teach us about Team Culture?

Aug 11, 2023

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