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Start of Year Team Plan

Bringing people together in creative and intentional ways contributes significantly to building a culture of safety and curiosity. When individuals feel a sense of belonging and psychological safety, they are more likely to express themselves openly, share ideas, and engage in collaborative problem-solving.

Itā€™s not hard to create spaces that encourage people to bring their authentic selves to work yet many companies have yet to crack that nut.

Why not start the year with an intentional team gathering that will build foundations for a culture of understanding, innovation and collaboration?


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Team Honouring Plan

In the majority of organisations most efforts go into making sure deadlines are met and processes followed, whilst often overlooking the people behind the accomplishments.

Feeling undervalued or unrecognised are the most mentioned reasons why people leave organisations.

When team members feel seen, heard, and appreciated, the impact reverberates throughout the entire company. It's about recognising not just the work they do, but the unique identity and genius they bring to the table. This facilitation plan is a downloadable pdf to run a 60 minute session with your team that will make every person feel appreciated and seen.

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Freebies forĀ individuals

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End of Year Meditation

The end of the year isĀ the perfect time to pause, to shine a light on what really matters and let everything else drift away. A time to retrace your steps and recalibrate on your way back to your true path and essence. A way to track the story of the year. To reflect on what served and can be carried forward AND what didnā€™t and can be left behind.Ā 

In this meditation we invite you to:


  • Track the glimmers of 2023 and see where they lead
  • Retrace some of your steps and find the larger thread of your story
  • Get clear on what you would like to carry forward into 2024
  • Feel a sense of awe and gratitude for the miracle that is this life
  • Enjoy a more joyful, playful way to review your year than making lists
  • CaptureĀ aha momentsĀ 
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